Mr. Pranshul Kanjolia

Kanjoliya Enterprises, Kota

I have been associated with DCM Shriram Ltd. since 2014. The quality of the cement is simply the best. The company always focusses to work in the favor of its dealers, be it in terms of the price of the product or the quality of it. Today, the reputation I have earned in the industry is all because of Shriram Cement, I owe all my success to Shriram Cement.

Mr. Utsav Khandelwal

Harlal Keshrimal, Bundi

We have been associated with DCM Shriram since the beginning of production of urea at Kota plant. We have been associated with the cement plant since the production began. Shriram Cement is a very good product in terms of quality. The wet process technique makes it unique amongst others. DCM Shriram is a very good company as it keeps its customers like a family. In this long association with the company, we have celebrated many milestones together. The company's policies and accounting have been crystal clear and we never had anything to complain about.

Mr. Rajendra Sharma

Rajendra Trading Co., Sawai Madhopur

Our association with DCM Shriram started in 1998 with its Shriram Cement. The cement is of good quality with a really strong grip. We had very recently taken a trip with the Shriram family to Goa, it was a memorable time for us, they really take care of us.

Sanjay Jindal
Mr. Sanjay Jindal

Jindal Enterprises, Deoli

Our relationship with DCM Shriram Group started in 1972. Their manufacturing quality is good but we also suggest improving the strength and color variations. Gold cement is better in strength and color. Howver, overall the customer is satisfied. Our sales have increased after the development of Gold Cement. The group is like our family. We have good relationship with DCM Group. In fact, our third generation is also included in the DCM Group.

Mr. Gyan Chand Jain

Pradeep Laghu Udyog, Sheopur

The DCM Shriram Group has been helping us with the best quality cement since 2006. The company, acting as our family, should always walk on the path of development together. It was heart -touching to ask the conditions of all the business partners and provide help during COVID-19. My special thanks to Mr. Vinoo Mehta, Executive Director & Resident Head, Kota, DCM Shriram Ltd. for being our helping hand.

Mr. Ravinder Khatri

Shri Krishna Trading Co., Sonipat

Our journey with DCM Shriram started about 7-8 years back. In my personal experience, it is one of the best quality cements in the country. It has never shown any variation and always meets the benchmark even if the demand is high. This is something that helps us as the customer gets attracted to the fine quality. It’s not a company but a family.

Mr. Parveen Kuchhal

Gupta Steels, Sonipat

Our association is long, since 1997, Shriram Cement has been our most trusted cement. It is the best quality cement we have used so far. This company has always treated us like family. The higher management has always welcomed us with humbleness; no human is big or small in their eyes. It is not profit that we look for from our association, but the relation that we get from the company.

Mr. Rakesh Bansal

Bansal Agencies, Faridabad

In 2011, we had the opportunity to work with Shriram Cement. It is an excellent product. It is a really famous and popular product. The distributor team is very cooperative and professional; the technical team is very supportive. The company has been our pillar of strength. It is because of them that we know we will never be alone.

Mr. Ranjit Singh Yadav

Balaji Cement Store, Gurgaon

Our association with Shriram Cement goes back a really long way. We started this impeccable relation with Shriram Cement in 1987. Over my many years of experience in this industry, I can without a doubt say that it is the best product in the market, tested and proven to be the best. This company is extremely transparent which is excellent. Their compliance and accounting are commendable. The officers are affable. We actually started working with them in 1984 when we used to deal in fertilizers (Urea). Post that, we started our cement journey with them which is still going strong.

Mr. Sanjay Singh
Mr. Sanjay Singh

Krishna Enterprises, Kota

We’ve been associated with Shriram Cement since 1996 and have seen the brand grow to become the top 5 selling cements in Rajasthan. The method of producing the finest quality cement is through using water in the production process, but this is also an expensive method. Owing to the low cost of production, most brands have switched to eliminating water from the production process and have in turn to prioritize high profit margins over quality. But DCM Shriram has still not opted out of using water in the manufacturing process even though it reduces their profit margin.